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We are now recognized as an official distributor of Uguisu No Fun product Uguisu Poo, the best Uguisu No Fun brand in the world!

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Online shop! Buy japanese nightingale droppings and other Uguisu no Fun products from anywhere in the world!

We are continuously striving to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and thus, we added our new Express Shipping option via EMS that will only take about 5 to 7 days worldwide. You can buy’s enhanced Japanese nightingale droppings and have it delivered within a week to anywhere in the world!

Our regular shipping is still available for those who are not in a hurry for beauty. Regular shipping takes about 15 to 20 days worldwide.

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Buy japanese nightingale droppings and other products from our online store!
uguisu productsUguisu Products

We are an online shop dedicated to sell Uguisu products. Uguisu no fun, most commonly known as geisha facial or bird poop facial, a rare and effective facial treatment with over 400 years of history in Japan. Our online store only sells the highest quality and purest uguisu no fun facial treatment masks and soaps.

We are now ready to take your orders online. Today, May 16, 2012, we are officially opening

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