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Uguisu No Fun also known as Bird Poop Facial or Geisha Facial is the rarest facial treatment in the world. For over 400 years, its benefits are well documented and up to the present, its the most sought after natural facial treatment in first class Spas. Many popular celebrities are known to enjoy its benefits. UGUISU SHOP™ Is an online shop dedicated to sell only the finest and purest Uguisu No Fun. All Uguisu products in this store are 100% UV sterlized and free from any microorganisms.

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World Famous Nightingale Feces Facial, Nightingale Poop Facial Mask

Uguisu No Fun is very traditional beauty product. Uguisu no fun is a Japanese term means “nightingale feces”. This product is literally made from a nightingale called the Japanese bush warbler (cettia diphone). Actually this Uguisu No Fun was used by the Geisha’s during their time. But before they are using the nightingale’s poop to remove the stains on their garments, like their kimono. Since Geisha’s are applying thick make up everyday which Nightingale droppings are used commonly by Geishas to remove it. Nightingale Feces Facial and Nightingale Poop Facial Mask are popular among celebrities such as David and Victoria Beckham and Tom Cruise due to its skin refining and anti ageing properties.

Japanese people didn’t stop using the Uguisu No Fun as a stain and make up remover, they created a beauty product out of this birds poop. They started to make a facial, masks and soaps using this. United States and United Kingdom are the biggest reseller of the product on their country. And after few years of introducing it in the world, it became a huge success for the Uguisu No Fun.

Uguiso is very popular even in United States because some of the Spa Center are using it and they call it Geisha Facial, cost $180 for an hour of facial. And it became more popular when hollywood stars started to use it to improve their skin like Victoria and David Beckham who confessed that Victoria used the Uguisu No Fun to remove all her acne marks left when she suffered acnes during her teen years. Since David was amazed by the product, he also used Uguisu No Fun to improve his skin. And the Spa in New York acted like a tourist spot because other celebrities are visiting their store just to try the Geisha Facial. But we can’t deny it, Geisha Facial in New York is only for rich and famous.

Some benefits of Uguisu No Fun are:
-removes all traces of dirt
-gently exfoliates dead skin
-lightens and brightens skin naturally
-lighten pimple scars
-helps in preventing breakouts
-helps remove heavy make-up
-skin is soft, smooth and fair

Japanese people are still using Uguisu No Fun up to now as a respect to their ancestral tradition. Worlds Famous Nightingale Feces Facial, Nightingale Poop Facial Mask is available here.